Cinematic Aspect Ratio

The wide aspect ratio of 2.39:1 will cause just about anything to look more cinematic or more ‘filmic’. Since this aspect ratio was originally associated with the anamorphic/cinemascope look, we are trained to associate this aesthetic with higher end feature films. I think this is an important thing to consider because we want the NAD M10 to look like a premium high-end product.

Editing Style

The edit and the music will be in synchronization. The audience will be very engaged by the pacing of the edit. Sound design of the environment/actions over top of the music is something I would like to experiment with in the post production phase.


Through visual storytelling, I will associate fine music and fine art with the high fidelity audio products of NAD (specifically the M10). The use of controlled colour palettes, cinematic imagery, and sound design will allow me to create a visually enticing final product. It is important that the images are captivating and draw our audience in.


I will be using the Arri Alexa Mini Camera. The Arri Alexa camera has been the main camera of choice for the last 10 years of Academy Award Nominated/Winning Best Cinematography Films. My lenses of choice would be Anamorphic Lenses which have been used in cinematic masterpieces such as Ben-Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, and Blade Runner.